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Celebrate Solar Week — Fall 2017

Audience: Informal and Out-of-School educators and teens ages 10-14
Event Dates: October 23-27, 2017

Solar Week, October 23-27, provides a week-long series of Web-based activities with a focus on the Sun-Earth connection. Young people aged 10-14 can learn about solar careers, sunspots, solar eclipses, solar energy and solar storms through a series of cool facts, activities, games, and interactions with leading solar scientists.

Solar Week is ideal for young teens or groups wanting to know more about the solar system, the stars or astronomy in general. Many activities are suitable for fun computer lab activities as well. After doing the activities, participants can interact on the bulletin board with leading scientists at the forefront of sun-Earth research. Solar Week is great for learning about our nearest star, the sun.

To learn more and to register to participate, visit http://www.solarweek.org.

Questions about Solar Week may be emailed to solarweek@solarweek.org.

Solar Week receives funding from NASA’s Heliophysics Education Consortium.