Lunar and Planetary Institute


One aspect of the Lunar and Planetary Institute is the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration.  The Center offers libraries a number of traveling exhibits on a variety of themes related to the moon, earth, asteroids, and other astronomical subjects.  Libraries can request exhibits on-line and they are provided on a first come, first served basis, for the most part.  Priority is given to those libraries serving at-risk populations.  The loan period is three months, and there is a shipping fee involved.

The exhibits currently available are:

Protecting Our Home:  Asteroids can strike Earth with no warning. Learn what kind of damage asteroids can inflict and how
scientists are studying them in an effort to protect our home.

The Moon: Cosmic Decoder RingThe Moon’s craters are a decoding tool that has allowed us to understand the planets in our solar system.  This exhibit has 3D images and comes with 100 pairs of 3D glasses.

Treasure Hunt in Earth’s AtticLike an attic of ancient treasures, the Moon preserves Earth’s lost history.  Discover how the conditions on the Moon are providing valuable clues to our own planet’s beginnings!

Earth’s DaughterOur Moon was born of Earth.  See how the Moon’s own characteristics and new
animated computer models
are filling in the pages of the Moon’s birth story.

A Storm of AsteroidsLong ago, enormous asteroids pelted our Moon — and Earth!  Learn about the mystery surrounding this rain of planetary debris, and the storm tracks that scientists are examining today.

Impacts: Delivering Death and Fostering LifeScientists are investigating the relationship between impacts and the development of life.

Our Molten Moon: The Story of the First Moon RocksThe Moon’s rocks tell the story of a time when the entire Moon was covered with an ocean of molten rock.

Moon Views: Rabbits in the RocksDifferent cultures have seen different figures when they looked at the Moon. Learn how lunar scientists use modern tools to look beyond the “rabbit” in the Moon to discover its history.


Interested librarians can view the exhibits and related resources on the Center’s Exhibits page.  The on-line application can be found here.

These traveling exhibits would be a great way to introduce customers to the wonders of our solar system, and to draw kids into some great STEAM programming.