Strategies & Ideas

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Please use this wiki to provide strategies and ideas that you would like to share. Note: You must login to your STAR Net account to edit this wiki.

Re-opening Strategies
*limit access to at risk groups like the homeless? We have to keep numbers down, how do we do it fairly?

*Creating different bins for returned items that we don’t touch for 3+ days for our safety

*Do programs in the parking lot where patrons stay in/near their cars like a spaced out drive-in movie!

Community Assistance Strategies
*Host a Community Dialogue with other local businesses to see how to combine efforts (Housing Authority, grocery stores, food bank, fire department, rec center, etc)

*Wifi Maps! Talk to other businesses about making their wifi password free and pointed to their parking lots so people don’t have to unsafely congregate in the library lot.

*Moving our wifi router to the front of our building to reach more patrons in the parking lot

*Helping over the phone with filling out unemployment or other important forms for those patrons without computers or internet