Facilitation Tips & Tricks

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  • I ask open ended questions to encourage exploration of the topic, creative thinking, and discussion.
  • Having two facilitators to run the program – if you can. Works really well in keeping up the enthusiasm and fun. Program runs better.
  • Support adults (parents, carers) to learn as well in order to create an inter-generational experience
  • Learn with the kids, they often really enjoy teaching you and watching you learn.
  • Encourage kids to participate, but let them do it their way. E.g., I challenged to to build a house on a hill and every participant did it differently, had a Teepee Tent, castle, and a shipwreck, as well as a “normal” house.
  • Guide activities but don’t control — allow kids to be flexible in their learning.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, turn it into a joint learning adventure to find it.
  • Have a lot of relevant non-fiction books on hand in the session. Encourage the kids to research those questions you can’t answer.
  • Groups are fantastic way to encourage those who don’t always speak. Use pair share (2 people) helps people feel comfortable to share.
  • Don’t be fearful of topics. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new with participants.
  • Almost everything can be broken down into STEM principles –> cutting a pipecleaner in half is mathematics!