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<< Return to Books, Videos, Websites & More Have a favorite STEM book? Add it here! This wiki page was created to exchange ideas on books that can be used to support STEM programming. As a community member, please feel free to edit documents beyond this page that may be beneficial to your fellow library professionals. Space […]

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Books – Earth Science

<< Return to Books Earth Science Earth: Earth Elaine Landau, Children’s Press, 2008, ISBN: 0531147886 Children ages 9–12 may enjoy reading about Earth’s place in the solar system, what Earth is made of, how water and air make life possible, and what a kid can do to fight global warming. Colorful images and fun facts accompany […]

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Books – Engineering

<< Return to Books Engineering Engineering Solutions Hop! Plop! Corey Rosen Schwartz and Tali Klein, Walker Childrens, 2006, ISBN:  9780802780560 Friends Elephant and Mouse visit a playground and struggle to use the playground equipment. For example, Mouse is sent flying when Elephant sits opposite him on the seesaw. Appropriate for ages 3 and up. On […]

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Books – Library Programming

<< Return to Books Below are books related to Library Programming… Adult Programs in the Library Brett W. Lear, American Library Association, 2012, ISBN 0838911404 Programming is an important means of not only drawing new people to the library but also better serving existing patrons. This edition includes updated chapters on basics such as funding, […]

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Books – Professional Development

<< Return to Books Professional Development How to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education in Libraries Vera Gubnitskaia and Carol Smallwood Scarecross Press, Inc., 2014, ISBN 9780810892736 Authors from public libraries and academy provide strategies for implementing STEM programs. Exploring Science in the Library: Resources and Activities for Young People Maria Sosa and Tracy Gath […]

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Books – Space Science

  Space Science General The book on the topic “Foundations and Ideologies: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Human Health” has been created by Ms. Ashwini Sathnur, Capacity Development Expert in United Nations Development Programme. The details on the information about this book is presented in the website url/ link which is mentioned here below:- […]

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<< Return to STEAM Ahead @ Home Please use this wiki to provide information for circulation topics that you would like to share. Note: You must login to your STAR Net account to edit this wiki. *We’re doing limited curb-side pickup   *Not allowed to do curbside, but are allowed to take items and drop them off […]

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Collaborations/Community Partnerships

<< Return to STEM in Libraries: Resources, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Community Dialogue Planning Resources http://www.starnetlibraries.org/resources/community-dialogues Host a “Community Dialogue” to discover more about how community members think and feel about science and technology learning. Libraries have used these types of events to tweak their programs and services and made connections with local organizations. Download […]

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Connected Learning

<< Return to STEM in Libraries: Resources, Challenges, and Lessons Learned How can we help learners connect their learning across personal interests and activities, academics, social relationships, etc. with the work that we do? See the following reports for examples and strategies. Margaret Glass (2015). Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums: Case Studies in Collaboration Association […]

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Connecting with Other Library Professionals

<< Return to STEM in Libraries: Resources, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Ideas from workshop participants: Meet with neighboring libraries to share ideas and resources, network Informal ideas sharing between services FB group Google Docs Google Groups Advocacy Shared conference presentations (inter-library) Create universal resources which can be shared across public libraries Special Interest Group on […]

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