It’s not WHAT you know, so much as WHO you know…

We have heard this adage many times. And this blog is a great example of that kind of networking. I have long resisted this fact and tried very hard to be all things to all people. While the learning is exhilarating, it can be very exhausting! :) I am currently involved in the Professional Environmental

It’s in the Stars! Astronomy at the Library

Space is a fascinating place, and most people never tire of looking at the stars. If you have never looked up and marveled at the stars, now is the time to start! Astronomy programs at the library can come in many forms. You don't have to be an astronomer, but it can help if you

Using Environmental Programs to Fulfill STEM Needs

With the emphasis on science-related programs, the natural sciences often get overlooked... overshadowed by the chemistry or the technology and engineering parts of the STEM puzzle. How can we use natural resources and the outdoors to engage our audiences and help to fulfill some of those STEM needs? If you are lucky enough to have wide

Winter Wonder Land – STEM inspired

I get asked a lot where do my ideas come from. I also get asked a lot if I can share my ideas. Like most librarians, I do not consider myself all knowing. I read a lot of resources and I brainstorm with a lot of librarians. Sometimes it can be difficult not to get

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