Interested in Supporting STAR Net?

The STAR Library Education Network (STAR Net) is seeking support from foundations, corporations, professional associations, and individuals to expand the reach of this innovative STEM program to every community in the nation. Financial support is critical to achieving our mission, and so is the direct participation of STEM professionals and organizations in programming, such as volunteering equipment, expertise, and time.

Libraries provide an untapped resource for engaging all members of a community in STEM. With nearly 17,000 library branches in the U.S., public libraries serve almost every community in the country, often at the heart of rural and urban under-served and low-income populations. Nationwide, they receive about 1.6 billion visits a year, and they offer their services for free.

But libraries cannot make the leap into STEM Learning Centers without the assistance of STEM educators and professionals, such as scientists and engineers. STAR Net is working with librarians and STEM professionals to develop and deliver quality STEM programming that is specifically designed for public libraries. We have also developed an online community where librarians and STEM professionals can work together to share resources, experiences, and best practices.

“Today I had the most fun and awesome day of my life. I loved coming and seeing everything. I LOVE everything about today.”
From a young patron in Diboll, TX during their visit to the Discover Earth exhibit

You can contribute to STAR Net in the following ways:

If you are interested in supporting STAR Net, please contact Anne Holland at 720-974-5876 or We look forward to hearing from you.