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Featured Telecon

Universe of Learning: The Native American Sky
Telecon Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019 | 12:30-1:30pm PT (4-5pm ET)
Description: Please join us for this special edition of the Universe of Learning Science Briefings! We will hear speakers from different Native American backgrounds give their unique perspectives and insights on the night sky, our place in the Universe, and how to approach the natural world around us.

In this briefing, speakers will share content about their perspective on astronomy. Dr. Lee will present indigenous teachings relating to constellations from the North American tribes: Ojibwe, Dakota/Lakota, and Ininew and summarize some of the resources created and the programming delivered by the Native Skywatchers research and programming initiative. Mr. Baybayan will present on the history of traditional Pacific deep-sea voyaging and oceanic wayfinding, the indigenous system of orientation and navigation at sea. Dr. Laurie Rousseau-Nepton will share her own journey to rediscover a time when everyone was an Astronomer. In addition to these perspectives, we will highlight several resources relating to this content.

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Archived Telecons

The NASA Museum Alliance has numerous archived telecons of which your library can utilize for your programming needs.

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See our telecon FAQs and etiquette reminders. Specifically, please mute your phones during telecons, and please do not share the call-in or log-in information with non-members.

2018 Exploration Series – Expanding Human Presence Deeper into the Solar System

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Beginning in January 2018, the Human Exploration & Operations Communication Team will begin a year-long series of monthly topics focusing on extending human presence in the solar system.

The yearlong series is broken down into monthly topics and each topic will include topic themed outreach materials that can be used in your institution’s programs and exhibits.

A basic digital package of resources will include:

  1. Key messages and story focus
  2. 10-15 minute presentation with script
  3. Explainer Videos
  4. Social media materials
  5. Print products
  6. Education outreach lessons and activities
  7. Raw files for designers
  8. Potential Virtual Outreach Events

The 2018 Exploration Topics:

January – Living and Working on the ISS:  Preparing for Deep Space
February – A Year of Education on the ISS
March – Heroes in Space Exploration
April – Deep Space Exploration System:  Orion Spacecraft
May – Deep Space Exploration System:  Space Launch System
June – Deep Space Exploration System:  Exploration Ground Systems
July – Celebrating 60 Years of NASA
August – Together We Go Farther: Partnerships
September – Together We Go Farther: Mars Generation
October – Humans to Mars: Mission Prep
November – Humans to Mars: Traveling to the Red Planet
December – Humans to Mars: Mars Orbit and Surface Operations

A link to the digital resources will be posted on the NASA Museum Alliance website in the coming weeks.

The goal is to have the resources organized and collected no later than 2 months before each monthly topic begins.  This should give institutions a chance to look at what is available and plan accordingly.  New products will be continuously added throughout the year.

The Museum Alliance was created to be the “front door” to NASA for the world of informal education.  Likewise, for NASA programs, the Alliance is the “front door” to access the world of informal education.  The Alliance is meant to be the starting point for all informal educators who are seeking free NASA educational resources and services.

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