Virtually Chat With NASA Engineers & Experts

  Keliann LaConte, with the Lunar and Planetary Institute, allowed me to pass this great info along to any StarNET folks who may be interested. They all sound like great opportunities to learn from and work with the experts in various fields of science and research!!   PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Virtual Chats with NASA Engineers Schedule

Space-themed Professional Development

Want to bring STEM and space for all ages of child to your library? NASA has a great line up of upcoming webinars to help you do just that! From the NASA Education Express Newsletter: Free NASA Educator Professional Development Webinars The NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative at Texas State University is presenting a

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Kites and Kite Programs for All Ages

  It's September, and here in the South the days are a little bit cooler, and the wind is picking up.  It's the perfect time to spend a day riding the wind with a kite or two.  It's even more fun to proudly display and fly a kite of your own design and making. This

Galimoto – Sculpting With Wire

                               Galimoto Truck Galimoto is the African art of sculping wheeled push toys from scrap wire, sticks, bits of cornstalk, and anything else available.  Children collect the components from refuse and by trading and/or bartering with others.  When enough

STEAM Up the Library- with Help from your Community!

By Leah Kraus, Director of Community Engagement and Experience, Fayetteville Free Library As librarians, most of us are not STEM experts. Some of us might be lucky enough to have staff members on our team that have STEM expertise – whether self-taught or from a previous professional life. At our library, for instance, we are

Want to name your own Exoworld?

Have you ever wanted to name your own exo world? Well now you have the chance. Exoplanets belonging to a list of 305 well-characterised exoplanets, discovers prior to December 31st, 2008, and their host stars. The date refers to the date of submissionto a refereed journal. Many exoplanets discovered after this date require confirmation or

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White House Astronomy Night – October 19

White House Astronomy Night - October 19   The Office of Science and Technology Policy has announced that the White House will host an Astronomy Night on October 19, 2015.  In addition to inviting students and educators to the South Lawn of the White House to stargaze and participate in other hands-on activities, the event

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Notices of Funding Opportunity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 31, 2015 IMLS Press Contact 202-653-4799 Giuliana Bullard, Notices of Funding Opportunity: First Round of Funding for FY 2016 National Leadership Grants for Libraries and Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Preliminary two-page proposals that address IMLS priorities will be accepted until the October 1, 2015 deadline Washington, DC—The Institute

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Afterschool Alliance: STEM is important to parents

The Afterschool Alliance recently published a report titled "America after 3pm". One key take-away: "While parents report that many factors were important to them in selecting their child’s afterschool program, more than half (53 percent) said that STEM learning opportunities were very important in their decision. Of parents who shared that STEM learning opportunities were

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