How Many Ways Can You Sprout a Seed?

  It's half way through June, and every children's librarian in a public library is well into the first half of a crazy marathon commonly called Summer Reading Club.  I know planning and preparation for the summer's line-up of programs has been under way for months, but every once in a while, things don't quite

Using Junk to Spark the Imagination

by Pete Cioppa, Director of Technology Integration, Fayetteville Free Library I have always had a fascination with the way things work.  When I was a kid, the coolest thing in the world to me was taking things apart.  So, in an effort to prolong my childhood as long as possible, I began to wonder how

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Space Racers Space Fun

  If you work with kids and you like astronomy/space, you should check out the Spaceracers website.  The Spaceracers are something between birds, from which each takes a name, airplanes, and rockets.  There are currently 14 10-15 minute episodes of Spaceracer adventures on the website.  Some are listed on the "Episodes" page, and others are

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