Winter Wonder Land – STEM inspired

I get asked a lot where do my ideas come from. I also get asked a lot if I can share my ideas. Like most librarians, I do not consider myself all knowing. I read a lot of resources and I brainstorm with a lot of librarians. Sometimes it can be difficult not to get

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Making at Your Library – No BUTS About it!

By Leah Kraus, Director of Community Engagement and Experience, Fayetteville Free Library At the New York Library Association's annual conference this fall, Fayetteville Free Library helped facilitate NYLA's 1st annual "Library Makers Showcase." Our library and several others from across the state got to show off some of the cool things going on in our respective makerspaces,

Putting Flowers on the STEM: Combining Language Arts and Science

Obviously in the library world, language arts is a big part of what we do. There is demand for more in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) realm as the schools are moving to new science standards. So how do we combine the two into fun, engaging programs that don't feel too much like school?

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Reading + Math : Interactive Math-Oriented Storytimes

The Doorbell Rang (Pat Hutchins) and Other Math Friendly Picture Books to Play With by Luna Dara Kelondra Several weeks ago, during my bi-weekly Crafternoon program, we shared the book The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins and managed to learn some math concepts along the way.  Crafternoons are programs for school-aged children (and their parents when they

I’m all about the Apps – check these out!

Are you constantly hearing about new applications for your iOS or android device, but are finding it figure out which ones are worth downloading and which are not? While, my library does not have iPads or tablets that I can use in programs, I do bring in my own personal one that I use during

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